What is Words with Friends?

Words with Friends is a word game, where you use push notifications to play online with your friends through Facebook. Up to 20 words with friends games can be played at one time. A push notification will alert you when it is your turn to create a word.

Words with Friends is played by signing in through Facebook. The words with friends app will look for your Facebook friends who are also playing words with friends, where you can challenge them to be your opponent. If you don’t want to play against your Facebook friends, the words with friends app can randomly assign you another opponent, or you can play against artificial intelligence.

How to Play Words with Friends

Words with Friends is best described as a simple game that will both expand and test your vocabulary. Players draw 7 letters from a pool of letters that are scattered randomly. On their turn, the very first player will place a word on the board’s center and will add points listed on the letters he or she used. After the first turn, players will play the game like a crossword puzzle. Every new word played should connect to the past ones and all other adjacent letters should form valid words. Both players do not need to be playing Words with Friends simultaneously.