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Watch tv and paytv from all over the world on your android smartphone: TvTap

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How to watch TV and PAYTV around the world with android?

Simple with TvTap A simple program to download in Apk format for your android smartphone, How to Download the TvTap App to watch streaming TV all over the world:

TVTAP is an excellent app for watching TV channels, giving you the chance to watch different public and private TV channels from all over the world, from the comfort of your Android smartphone.

The way TVTAP works is simple: when you open the app, you will find an elegant and simple interface with a list of TV channels and the logo of each channel. At the beginning, you will see all the available channels, but you can also filter them to select or delete channels that do not interest you. To see one of these live channels, all you have to do is tap the channel logo, and you’re done. You will immediately be able to watch that channel from your smartphone.

TVTAP also offers tips depending on what you are watching. So if you’re watching a channel that usually has animations or cartoons, you’ll see a selection of similar channels you might be interested in at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Open mobile settings & click on security settings. Scroll down to unknown sources option & enable it


    Click below mentioned buttons to download TvTap according to your device


    As soon as download is complete. Open your phone notification & tap on TvTap notification


    After successful installation, Open TvTap application & watch your favourite content

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