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Tips, Tricks Cookie Jam Blast download apk


What does Jam Blast cookie consist of?

Get on board your hot air balloon and get ready to face new confectionery adventures! Take off through islands full of delicacies and create new sensational recipes! Get rewards along the way and collect limited edition hot air balloons with special events! This game will glue you to the screen, guaranteed!

Cookie Jam Blast is the ideal game to satisfy your sweet tooth. Download it now or go down to download apk!


Tips, Tricks Cookie Jam Blast:

1. Trust Those Jelly Bees
• Get help from new buddies, the Jelly Bees, which you can create by matching 2×2 squares. Jelly Bees will always buzz their way to try and help you out

2. Get Social
• Connect to Facebook so friends can send you Buddy Bees to help you pass difficult levels.

3. New Treats
• Bake new treats in the Kitchen so you can earn rewards to help you pass further levels. Once you’ve gained enough stars through your many stage completions, you’ll get your hands on the Goodie Bag. This item awards you with a bunch of tasty ingredients that will lead to you producing new treats in the Kitchen.

4. Tap That Info Button
• Every level has an In-Game (i) info button that gives players hints and reminders that can help them get out of sticky situations.

5. Popsicle Levels
• In Popsicle levels, target the special Pops because they have unique powers that make them helpful for beating levels.

6. Yummy Worm Mode

• In the Yummy Worm mode, matching next to the head will break the ice and help free the worm inside.

7. Pull Off Matches on the Bottom of the Game Board

• Making matches lower on the game board to cause more movement, which gives you a higher chance at nabbing extra matches and causing cascades.

8. Special Piece Matches

• Match special pieces together to create special and powerful combo moves. Sometimes, it’s best to not make the recommended match the game reveals to you. You should only fulfill that match if you can’t find any other matching combos to activate.

9. Activating Line Breaker’s

• If a line breaker is activated and hits another line breaker, it will activate another line breaker in a parallel direction.

10. Yummy Worms, Topplers and Other Bits of Sweet Advice

• Try to quickly isolate the “Yummy Worms” and “Topplers” by cutting off their paths, this will make it easier to catch them. On Hard levels, start with pre-game boosters to help make the level easier to beat. And always check the Kitchen when you start the game for Rewards that can help level up Chef Panda.


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