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Simon’s cat crunch time level 2

tricks and video solutions for the game


Simon’s cat crunch time level 2 – Tricks


Simon’s Cat – Crunch time is an exciting game where you have to collect treats for Simon’s Cat and his friends. Progress through the levels by getting all the delicacies that cats want to eat. If you can not get ahead in the levels: read the tips and watch the videos to get an idea of what you should do at this level.


Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Level 2 Tips

Here are some general Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time tips:

  • Take your time! There is no time that you have to beat the level in so you can take as long as you want and form a strategy.
  • Pay attention to the objective! You shouldn’t go around making matches if it isn’t going to help you complete the level.
  • Keep track of how many turns you have left. If you have 2 moves left and see a way to beat the level in 3 moves, you need to find a different strategy!

Stuck on this level? Let us know what you are having difficulty with in the comments down below!


Simon’s cat crunch time level 2 – Video Solutions

The video below demonstrates just one way to complete the level. It will show you the objective of the level, tips provided by the game, and one way you are able to complete it.

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