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Shrek Sugar Fever tips tricks help and videos to pass the levels


What is Shrek Sugar Fever and How to Play Shrek Sugar Fever

In the very far-away kingdom, a sweet spell has caramelized the kingdom, including Shrek’s paulde! Help him save his friends in a swirling frenzy in this block puzzle saga!
Put an end to the discharge of sugars and dedolcify the Shrek swamp making combinations of delicious candy-shaped symbols as you explore the magical levels during hours of intense fun based on puzzle blocks to break!
Save your favorite characters, such as Ciuchino, Zenzy, Pinocchio, the Tre Porcellini and many others with unique power ups that will help you make the best combinations!

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Dissolve the sweetened spell in over 150 candy-filled levels and 7 delicious maps in the realm of Very Far Away!

Cheats, Solutions, Tips, Answers, Video and Walkthrough for Shrek Sugar Fever. Shrek Sugar Fever is available on iTunes and Google Play.

In the land of Far Far Away, a sweet spell has candified the kingdom, including Shrek’s swamp! Help Shrek rescue his sugar-crazed friends from their candy obsession in this block puzzle saga!

Shrek Sugar Fever Game:

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