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Plugins to maximize conversions

use and download WP Squeeze Bar 2.0

What is the WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 plugin for?

The WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 plugin serves to increase conversions, maximizing the CTR in your site!

WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 is the best plug-in to maximize CTR from websites for more visitors, more hits, more leads and more sales by applying a proven strategy used by the major companies that affiliate marketers are desperately seeking.

WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 is a brand new WordPress plugin who allows you to trick your blog readers in a simple way. Just like Google, Microsoft, Firefox and many others, it place a little bar on the top or below in the screen with social network share links, personal links or a wonderful list building auto-responder form. You decide how to compose this bar, which color use and how to adapt it to your blog look.

Hosting for 1 Cent!

With WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 on your website, you will be able to :

  • Make the most out of your website with the same traffic it has now
  • Deliver your visitor maximum message impact by pre-selling
  • Make your squeeze bar and op in forms POP
  • Use unlimited styling tools to really enable full control over your designs
  • Give a visitor exactly what he would be interested by having different squeez-bars according to the content and categories
  • Consistently drive more sales with increased conversion capabilities
  • Make all your campaigns easy on the readers eyes with full control of color and display
  • Emulate what Google, Firefox and Mozilla do to achieve maximum conversions from their traffic…!

What you get with the Download of the WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 plugin:

  • Program / Plugin WP Squeeze Bar 2.0
  • User & Guide WP Squeeze Bar 2.0
  • Bonus Program / Plugin WP peel Bar
  • User & Guide WP peel Bar

DOWNLOAD WP Squeeze Bar 2.0 + Bonus

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