Play the new candy crush game, Candy Crush Friends! Personalize Tiffi and Yeti with outfits, as well as choosing a character to help you pass each level.

Who are the characters of Candy Crush Friends?

candy crush game mr toffeeMr Toffee

Mr. Toffee is one of the original friends of the candy crush saga. He is the mayor of Candy Town and is considered one of the most efficient candy matchers around!

Mr Toffee is one of the Candy Friends who will offer help to you as you play your way through levels. Mr Toffee likes to be organized, so get organizing that candy in candy crush friends!

candy crush game odus owlOdus the Owl

Odus the owl is one of the Candy Friends who will offer hints or help to you as you work though your levels in the new candy crush.

To use Odus’s special powers, collect purple candies. Once you’ve collected enough candies, Odus will add a striped blast candy to your board. Odus chooses where this candy will be placed within your candy crush game. Use these striped candies to remove rows or columns with one blast!

candy crush unicorn mistyMisty the Unicorn

Misty is a Unicorn in the new Candy Crush Saga. Misty will help you by giving you special booster candies. Collect orange candies to activate Misty’s special booster candies.

Misty has a variety of candy available and will place them at random within your candy crush game. Keep collecting the orange candy – the booster Misty gives you might just be the one you need to pass the level!

candy crush game character tiffiTiffi

Tiffi is one of the original Candy Crush Saga friends. Tiffi brings chaos to Mr Toffee’s kingdom as she fell into the orderly world by accident. Keep Tiffi around though, as she will help you by sending out Swedish Fish (who eat random candies) whenever you have collected enough red candies. Do you think the red candies on Candy Crush are strawberry flavored? We hope so! Our favorite!

candy crush saga online yetiYeti

Yeti is also one of the original Candy Crush Saga Friends. Yeti is strong with a big Yeti appetite!

Collect cyan colored candies during your candy crush game to use the special snowball that Yeti will throw. What is in the special snowball you ask? Free wrapped candy that will blast away 9 candies at a time! Imagine a big blast of 9 candies disappearing from your candy crush game just as you needed it, to help you get to the next candy crush level?

Yeti, we think you’re worth your weight in gold. Or candy!

new candy crush red rabbitRed Rabbit

Red Rabbit wants to be a rockstar. And why not? When he’s not belting out his tunes Red Rabbit will be helping you smash your way to the next Candy Crush level by attacking a whopping 5 candy crush blockers for you.

Collect enough red colored candies and Red Rabbit will there to help!

new candy crush nutcrackerNutcracker

Nutcracker encompasses all thing Christmas, and thinks he’s a prisoner in the candy crush world. Despite thinking he’s a prisoner, he still throws help your way once you have collected enough blue colored candies.

As a Candy Crush Friend, the Nutcracker will blast away blockers – all the blockers in one straight horizontal line in fact! As your game of candy crush gets harder you’ll encounter caramel cups on your candy crush game board. This is when you really need the Nutcracker, he deals double damage to the caramel cups! Keep collecting those blue candies for the Nutcracker’s help to pass those hard candy crush levels!