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How to use WP Whats My Rank Video AND

Download the WP Whats My Rank Video plugin

What is the plugin for and how to use WP What’s My Rank Video:

WP What’s My Rank Video Edition is a the ONLY WordPress Plugin that will help you track the rankings of your videos in Google and YouTube. It AUTOMATICALLY updates the ranking data on a daily basis, sending ranking updates via email as well as showing amazing historical data in graphs/charts and tables. Using this plugin you can see where your videos are ranking and the fruits of your efforts.

Some feature of WP What’s My Rank Video plugin:

– Automatic notifications instantly update you on your video ranking information
– Stop talking shots in the dark! You will know exactly what SEO effort work without throwing money away
– Get historical data at your fingertips so you can track your most successful SEO campaigns and increase your traffic and profits…!

What you get by downloading the WP What’s My Rank Video plugin:

  • Plugin/Program WP What’s My Rank Video.

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