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How to use and download the Yahoo Groups Auto Join & Poster program increase traffic from yahoo groups

How to use yahoo groups auto join & poster:

With the Yahoo Groups Auto Join and Poster program you can subscribe to 100 yahoo groups by entering the keyword you are looking for, let us be part of yahoo and send an email to the group, it will go to ALL members of that group. Because there are hundreds of Yahoo! Groups on a single topic, it will not be difficult for you to find suitable groups for your web. Suppose you have joined 100 Yahoo! Groups and groups have an average of 1,000 members.

So you have to send 100 emails if you are a member of 100 groups. You are now a member of 100 groups with an average of 1,000 members. So you’re sending only 100 emails and these 100 emails are going to 100,000 members.

If only 10% of members watch your mail, you will receive 10,000 traffic on your web. So if you send 100 emails every day, spending almost 15 minutes of your time, you get 10,000 absolutely FREE traffic. Members are always on the rise. So the chances of getting conversions also increase!

Download yahoo Groups Auto Join & Poster:

Included in the download of the yahoo group auto join & poster program are the crack and the Pdf tutorial



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