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Candy Crush Saga is the original Candy Crush game developed for Facebook in 2012. Released by King Digital Entertainment Candy Crush has reached a staggering 5000 levels in 2019!

Who are the original Candy Crush Saga characters?

  • Mr Toffee
  • Toffette (Tiffi)
  • Bubble Gum Troll
  • Odus
  • Allen
  • Mr Yeti
  • DJ

Where can I play Candy Crush Saga?

Although Candy Crush was originally developed for Facebook, you can now play candy crush on apple iOS devices, android devices, and windows 10. Of course, you can still play candy crush on Facebook any time you like!

Is Candy Crush free to play?

Candy Crush is free to download via and app to your device or free to play online through Facebook. Make sure you search for “Candy Crush” in the app store – a common confusion is candy crunch! Candy Crush can sometimes be misspelled with a K also, as in “kandy krush”.

Candy Crush gives you 5 free lives. After you have used your five lives, you can wait 30 minutes for more lives, or purchase additional credits from 99 cents. You can also buy extra credits for special candies that help you to pass levels easier. It isn’t necessary to buy extra items if you don’t want to. Candy Crush can be played for free with a little time and patience.

How to play Candy Crush Saga?

The idea behind Candy Crush Saga is to combine 3 or more candies until you reach the target score. You’ll want to start combining candies towards the bottom of your screen, this gives the candies up higher more opportunity to fall down and create matches.

Sometimes you will receive special candies for combining a larger number of candies together. Combine 4 candies horizontally to receive a horizontal striped candy. This, when used, will remove the entire row of candy. You can also achieve a vertically striped candy by combining 4 or more candies vertically.

Check out this great video with more tips and tricks for Candy Crush!

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