Guide installation and use app APPTOKO APK download

Guide installation and use app APPTOKO APK download

Guide installation and use app APPTOKO APK download

AppToko Apk is one of the leading running app stores is an app store at the moment On Apptoko you can get apps, games, ringtones and much more required tweaks for your device. The better part of AppToko iOSis Handy for iOS and Android users respectively, so this apk give you a choice to run on iOS or Android device.

From AppToko APK you can download apps and games, and also you can get free comics to read, I’m sure you went in your childhood days when you read comics, but yes if you still want comics you can get it from Apptoko app store. Also free eBooks, ringtones and a lot more for free on your Android or iOS device.

AppToko Apk – An Ultimate App Store

Apptoko apk

AppToko APK is best for you if you cannot access Cydia through a jailbreak right now as an Android user you need not search more for the app store to get your premium apps for free. For iOS users, the lack of jailbreaks considering latest iOS released and this is also true before only few can get access to premium apps by Cydia so now Apptoko iOS will also allow iOS users to get app premium apk on their device.

So your search of the best available App store is over and you can get access to Apptoko Apk 2017 on your device you can download premium paid apps and games for your iOS OR Android Devices.

Today we are suggesting you the best App store that is Apptoko 2.0 apk free Download. You can even get those app or games like apptoko Minecraft apptoko GTA apptoko bully apptoko shadow fight 2 from this store which you may not get from play store or apple store also the premium apps which paid on app stores you can get them for free on Apptoko for iOS.This amazing app store has lots of premium features so here let us discuss them one by one.

AppToko Apk – Features

Apptoko Apk - Features

  • AppToko Apk is accessible for  Android and iOS devices users and You can get all apps and games for free.
  • you can also download wallpapers,  ringtones, comics and much more.
  • You can get premium top android apps, and you can get them for free on Apptoko iOS
  • Games which are not available on the Google play store now, You can get them on Apptoko.
  • High speeds servers will enhance your downloading experience on the download AppToko app store. You can download multiple apps at the same time.
  • AppToko 2.0 app store you have to use the Google Translate app to interpret the instructions because the language is Indonesian on Apptoko APK 2017
  • Its available for anyone to use there is no restriction or banning for any country users Apptoko APK download provides the fast access to all the content.
  • AppToko download has the neat interface which makes accessing more smooth.
  • AppToko iOS has impressive premium features which you can’t get on official App Stores.
  • It’s a very safe App store, and you need not worry about any issue like hanging.
  • You can even find contrasting themes for your devices on Apptoko app store
  • update for a particular app in your device will get notified time of time.
  • no need to register with a Gmail account to use Apptoko apk download free
  • You can do several translations like from English, Indonesian to others language’s you want
  • It’s a free to use the app store.

AppToko APK – App Info

Apptoko apk - download

  • File Name: AppToko.
  • Version: 1.1.
  • File Size: 3.49 MB.
  • File Type: .apk and .ipa.
  • Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and above& iOS 7.1.x and above
  • Updated on: 28-06-2016.
  • Supports: Android & iOS.
  • Languages: he, vi, in, es, iw.

AppToko For Android – Download AppToko On Android

Apptoko apk - for-android

You can get Apptoko Apk cheat on Android devices, and no registration required getting the app on your Android device.If you are finding few apps which are not available now on Google play store, you can get them on Apptoko download Not only had the free Android apps you can also get premium paid apps for free from the apk store.

  • The first step Download the AppToko Apk android from this LINK.
  • Wait for few seconds and let the app get the download, Now after downloading go to your device’sSettings Apps >Security. Now click on the option Enable Unknown Sources.
  • Far, go to the location again where you have downloaded AppToko Apk on your device and tap on the APK file and install the app.
  • Wait to get the final installation completed.
  • Tap on the icon on the home screen and open the app.
  • Now you can download your desired app or game from AppToko app store.
  • That’s it now it’s ready to use.

Now you have seen all the steps required to get your apk on your Android device, and these steps are straightforward to get apk on your android device.

Now you can enjoy all the premium paid apps and games like apptoko Minecraft apptoko GTA apptoko bully apptoko shadow fight 2 for free, and there is no limit of downloading apps on your android device. So enjoy using Apptoko Apk cheat on your device.

AppToko for iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini – Download AppToko on iOS

AppToko iOS gave you free access to all the best applications and games. You can also get the premium selling themes, wallpapers, comics, ringtones and more for free.

You can get this app for iOS devices also, So here we will find out step to get Apptoko iOS on your iOS device.The apps which paid on Apple store and those apps which are not available on apple store you can get them download AppToko for free.

  • The first step is you need to download the Jailbreak your iOS device.
  • Open Cydia and install AppSync.
  • For installing AppSync, Open Cydia >tap Source >Select Edit > tap Add > Enter
  • Now tap Add Source > search for AppSync >Select AppSync Unified > Install.
  • Now just perform Springboard Reset.
  • After installation of Appsync, Download and Install AppToko iOS.
  • Now Apptoko iOS is ready to use.

Okay so here we have seen steps involved to get Apptoko iOS through Cydia, now you can enjoy app store on your apptoko apk for ios devices.

AppToko APK for PC – Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista

Apptoko Apk gratis is also available to use for on PC but to run this APK on PC you need first to download Android emulator on your PC.Android emulator will allow you to download AppToko on your PC and you can enjoy premium apps on your PC for free. So here we will see how to get Android emulator and apptoko apk latest version for pc step by step and download apptoko apk for pc.

  • First download Android or BlueStacks. Bluestacks is widely used Emulator, so we highly recommend you to use Bluestack.
  • Now, install the app on your PC.
  • After installation gets completed, launch the Bluestacks app on your PC.
  • Download the AppToko apk from this LINK.
  • After downloading will get finished, add the app in the bluestacks.
  • Now It will start installing and after the installation gets complete, you can use it, and you can launch it via the app tray in the Bluestacks app.
  • Finally, you can enjoy Apptoko Apk on your PC, and you can also enjoy games like apptoko Minecraft  apptoko GTA apptoko bully apptoko shadow fight 2 for free.

Guide installation and use app movie box, download mod apk movie box plus

Guide installation and use app movie box, download mod apk movie box plus

Guide installation and use app movie box, download mod apk movie box plus

The advanced Mod version of MovieBox Apk called MovieBox++ I’m sure you know about this app, and also you have used it on Android and iOS devices. Moviebox App allows streaming online videos including movies, TV shows and programs without any issue at all in your devices.

You can use the advance version Movie box ++ on your Android and iOS devices. Moviebox apk have extra features when you compare it with the official app, and the user experience is brilliant on MovieBox Apk

Developer modifies the app after checking that this application has enormous potential to modify and make it available for users. With this application, you can never see unnecessarily ads. It’s an ad-free app

MovieBox Apk For iPhone & Android – Latest Version 2017

Movie box ++ is a free version for Android and iOS users. You can use Moviebox App for free, and user experience is impressive on iOS and Android, you can watch movies in HD, Tv shows, series for free

In the official app ads sometimes annoy so the best feature in moviebox apk there are no ads to display, it is also compatible with jailbreaking or non- jailbroken devices. Even you can get easy without using of Computer.

Moviebox app download is very popular among movie, shows lover. The majority of users are youth. Who wants the favorite film, serials on the run? Easily from Android or iOS devices you can watch your favorite movie anytime,

User experience is so smooth with the apk also the Moviebox App response is swift while you were using application. You might have even heard of this name bobby movie box apk download this application comes with additional features when you compare it with the official app so now let us check each feature one by one.

MovieBox Apk Features – 2017 Version

When moviebox apk was released, it was only available when you do a jailbreak on your iOS device, but not everyone wants to jailbreak their phones so not everyone can use Moviebox++ on iOS devices. Now we have a solution for you, and easily you can get apk on your Android or iOS device, but first, check the best features of moviebox apk app provides to users.

  • Free App: Moviebox ++ is free to use, and you need not pay to use this app.
  • Movie Box No Ads: No ads mean no unnecessary distraction while watching Movies, sometimes ads  annoy user experience, so with the moviebox apk you need to get worried for ads, it’s a No ads running apps, so indeed it’s a good feature to have in Moviebox App
  • Compatible with iPhone & iPad iOS, Android  Devices: Now Bobby movie box apk download is available for iOS, Android devices. It can easily installed on both devices. The user experience is same on Android or iOS devices. You will not find any issue on Apk
  • Suitable for Jailbroken & Non-jail broken devices: If you have jailbroken your devices, no issue still you can get Moviebox App on your device without any issues at all.
  • No Computer Required: No need to do any task with the computer, you can install moviebox apkwithout the use of computer directly through your device.
  • iOS version compatibility:  iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 or iOS 11.
  • Regular update: You also get regular update from developer team, so the app gets updated time on time.
  • Customization & Selection: You can filter your best films, You can choose them yearly wise, the movie comes along with display poster, so Moviebox App makes it easy to make the filter of your best films
  • Downloading Movie: with the Moviebox HD apk you can easily download movie; the server speed is breakneck while you download the movie. You can watch movie in your android directly after watching

These above features are essential features for any App. These features make moviebox apk very popular among Android and iOS users.

The user experience is very nice, and also Moviebox app download is a fast app to respond.So these features make Moviebox ++ one of the best apps to have.

MovieBox APK  – MovieBox plus for iOS

MovieBox++ App

MovieBox iOS is very popular among iPhone& iPad users. If you like to watch Movie, serials or series, this is an essential Moviebox app for iOS for you to have on your iOS devices. You will find a huge collection of movies and serials; the best is you can watch them anytime on the Go.

Indeed MovieBox iOS is a very popular apk among the iOS community, so here we will know how to download moviebox apk on iPhone,iPad devices also we will check the installing process for Moviebox app for iPhone step by step.

Here we will heck two methods to get Moviebox++ for iOS devices

Method 1: Installing Moviebox++ Using AppValley Vip

Step 1: First we need to install AppValley Vip app store to get MovieBox iOS for your device.

Step 2: Check here the detailed guide to get AppValley Vip

Step 3: Installation process is same as regular installation on your iPhone.

Step 4: As the installation finished on your iPhone device don’t open it at that right moment.

Step 5: First you need to open settings and navigate to App Management.

Step 6: Now you need to select AppValley and enable trust option, and by allowing trust, this will make the enterprise certificate trust. Now you can use Moviebox app for iPhone easily

Step 7: now just open Moviebox app for iOS, and it will open successfully on your device, and now you have to get moviebox apk on your device

Step 8: Browse for MovieBox iOS in AppValleyVip search bar.

Step 9: Download the Moviebox++ after search displays the App.

Step 10: Now trust the developer General > Profile and Device Management>Pinpoint MovieBox iOS > tap Trust

Method 2: Installing Moviebox++ using Zestia installer

Now we will see the second way to get Moviebox apk iPhone on your device. Just follow the steps, and you can quickly get it on your iOS devices.

Step 1: First we need to install Zestia installer to get MovieBox iOS for your device.

Step 2: Open Safari browser and visit HERE.

Step 3: Wait for few seconds and let Zestia installer download gets finished.  Now Tap on Install Zestia

Step 4: Tap done to complete Zestia installation. Now Press Home Button, you can see Zestia icon on your Home screen. Tap on it to open.

Step 5: Now Select I am a New User and tap on Ok. Now it will open Zestia Crystal home page.

Step 6: Select Packages tab > Application Manager

Step 7: Now MovieBox iOS  > Free Installation

Step 8: Now Select Install as the final step. Press Home Button, Now moviebox apk is installing on your device. Wait for few seconds and let installation get completes

Step 9: Now open the installed moviebox HD apk app by tapping an icon.

MovieBox++ For-iPhone


Step 10: Also remember to trust the developer now. Directly Go to Settings > Security > Turn on Unknown Sources

Finally, done, Now MovieBox iOS is ready to use on the iOS device, and you can get your best movies serials with a massive collection on this app. Now here we have just seen How to download & install MovieBox ++ for your iOS device, just follow the installation steps and install Moviebox App on your iOS device.

MovieBox ++APK – MovieBox plus for Android

Moviebox++ Apk

Moviebox++ is very popular among users because it has features like the category to find in search toolbar so quickly you can get your movies or Series at one point .you can watch movies in Full HD version with the best quality on moviebox apk This is indeed a great feature to have in a movie app. Downloading and installing is very easy and we see the process step by step

Step 1: first you download the apk file from (Download Apk movie box file low)

Step 2: As the apk file gets downloaded, now you have to copy the apk file to SD card or phone’s internal memory.

Step 3: Now go to settings menu and then to the security tab, here you need to allow third-party apps by allowing apps from another source.

Step 4: Now spot the apk file and click on it to install.

Step 5: Wait for few seconds and let the Moviebox App file get installed.

Step 6: After finishing the installation, Open the app, and now you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows also you can download them directly to your device.

So finally you can use moviebox apk on your Android device, and the steps were straightforward and simple, you can easily install apk on your android device. It’s a top-rated app to have on your Android device not just because of a collection of Movies, serials or Series in the app but also for the user experience which matters a lot. The User Experience is so responsive; it’s a speedy app when it’s come to downloading of movies from the store. Overall its a must have App on your device.


Moviebox++ apk not just favorite because it’s a mod version of  Moviebox, its famous among users because of its features, you will love the total experience with the app.

I have cover downloading and installing methods step by step for Android, MovieBox iOS users. Moviebox apk is indeed one of the favorite apps right now. I hope you liked the article and also you would like to share it the article on different social networks.

Download APK Movie Box: