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Can You Escape Adventure Level 8 Walkthrough, Video Solutions, Tricks

Can You Escape Adventure Level 8

Solution Can You Escape Adventure Level 8

Observe the farthest tables, take a light bulb in the ashtray and the baseball bat.

Then go to the other table, use the bat to break the pot and take a plug.

Take the lamp to the right of the door. Combine the lamp with a light bulb in the inventory.

Place the lamp at the bottom right of the counter.

Insert the plug into the switch.

Now over the bar of the light bulbs bar, click on the lamps with this sequence: blue, first green on the left, yellow, green on the right, purple and red.

At this point go to the bar counter, click on the bottles and make sure that the level of each bottle exceeds the red line at the same time. Take the key and open the door.


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