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Can You Escape Adventure Level 6 Walkthrough, Video Solutions, Tricks

Can You Escape Adventure Level 6

Look at the shelves on the right and take the elephant statue.

Then place the statue on the left shelf where there are the other elephant statues. Place the statues as shown below:

LEVEL 6 SOLUTIONS canyouescapeadventure              order statue level 6 canyouescapeadventure






A piece will open with a snake inside.
Now look at the trunk, enter the number of elephants (7), eagles (1) and snakes (2).

The elephants are on the shelves on the left. Go in the clothes hanger to the left of the door, remove the hats and you will find an eagle. Finally, take a green block to the right of the trunk, use it to complete the puzzle, the number of snakes are 1 in the puzzle and the other in the left shelf.

Insert 712 in the trunk.


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