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Can You Escape Adventure Level 4 Walkthrough, Video Solutions, Tricks

Can You Escape Adventure Level 4


Solutions Can You Escape Adventure Level 4

  • Observe the upper compartment of the suitcases in the upper right hand corner and take a screwdriver inside.
  • Observe the second row on the right, take the pincers hidden on the right seat.
  • Now go to the left-hand seats, click on the bag and look at the sheet, you will see a chart (it will be the clue to solve the next puzzle).
  • Now look at the upper left luggage racks and place the buttons as the chart on the sheet. Push the button and take the backpack.
  • Now use the pliers to open the grid in the ceiling, then use the pliers to cut the wires.
  • Go to the door, click on the door on the right and swear the red safety crank.
  • Use the backpack to exit the door.

Can You Escape Adventure Video Solutiona Level 4

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