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Can You Escape Adventure Level 2 Walkthrough, Video Solutions, Tricks

Can You Escape Adventure Level 2Can You Escape Adventure Level 2

Solutions Can You Escape Level 2

  • Observe the position of the sphinx and take a crank to his right.
  • Use the crank to open the cabinet to the right of the door, take inside the adhesive tape.
  • Look inside the number 27.
  • Take the broom to the left of the clock.
  • Take the white rod from the hands of the stature on the left.

    Combine the white rod with the broom into the inventory.

  • Then use the adhesive tape to glue them together.

    At this point, use the stick on the fan in the center of the ceiling. It will lower, note number 61

  • Now click on the picture on the wall to the right of the door, you will discover a safe, to open it enter the code 6127.
  • Prede the key and use it to open the door

Can You Escape Adventure Video Solutions Level 2

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