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Can You Escape Adventure Level 11 Walkthrough, Video Solutions, Tricks

Can You Escape Adventure Level 11

Solution Can You Escape Adventure  Level 11

Look over the wooden table where there is a closed trunk, take a box of matches.

Use the matchbox to light the fire.

Look to the right, take the sheets of paper over the chair. Use the sheets on the fire and you will discover a code 638.

Use the code to open the trunk, take a key inside.

Use the key to open the lock that closes the box on the left. Take a dynamite inside.

Now look right at the bottom, click on the backpack to move it, take a lever and the rope.

At this point go to the bottom of the road, combine the dynamite in the inventory with the rope and place it on the trees. Then place the lever on the box click to operate the dynamite and to blow up the trees.

The passage is free.


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