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Can You Escape Adventure Level 10 Walkthrough, Video Solutions, Tricks

Can You Escape Adventure Level 10

Solution Can You Escape Adventure Level 10

Open the soup on the left and take a vase inside.

Look at the carpet on the floor to the right, take another vase and look carefully at the sheet.

Take another vase on the pedestal on the right and the wooden basket on the right side of the wall.

Now go into the trunk to the left of the door and enter the sequence as in the image below:

Take a wooden stick inside.

Join the three vessels together in the inventory.

Then go to the right corner of the room, use the stick to take the rope in the corner.

Then fill the three pots in the pot in the corner.

Now go to the door, unite the vorda with the basket and place it in the barrel above the door. Place the vases inside and the door will open as shown in the picture.

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