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Words with Friends is a game that involves over one player, and it works the same way as the classic board game Scrabble. You can get this cross-platform game on phones and tablets, iPhone/iOS, kindle fire, Windows, Android, and social media sites such as Facebook and many more. Also, you’ll realize that Words with Friends shares some of its rules with the Scrabble game. The minor differences become visible on the bonus tiles and in the point value for some letters. You can create words up to 12 letters long on the Words with Friends Facebook game.

In this article, you’ll also get tips on how to cheat using Words with Friends word finder websites and become a winner in the Words with Friends game. These sites are the best option for cheating in Word with Friends game because of their unique features such the Words with Friends cheat board.

Did you know? The highest scoring word in Words with Friends is oxyphenbutazone worth a whopping 1670 points!

Words with Friends Cheats – Using a Word Generator or Word Finder

Online word finders, also known as word generators are becoming increasingly popular to use when playing Words with Friends. You can also use a Scrabble word finder for cheat words for Words with Friends. Most word generators give you plenty of options on how to choose a word – you can search by first letter, search by the size of the word you want to generate, or put all of your available Words with Friends letters into the word generator and let the magic happen! Here are our top ranked Words with Friends word finders:

Words with Friends Cheat word generator by Word-Grabber

A simple to use word generator, you enter your letters into the word finder and choose your pattern (optional). Select if you are using any blank tiles and whether you’d like to sort the results by maximum points, or the length of the word generated. We tried this Words with Friends word generator with the letters VXOIKJA and were rewarded with words such as KOJI worth 17 points, KIVA worth 12 points and XI worth 9 points. Let’s hope your friends don’t ask you to explain what these words mean! Although if they do, KOJI is a fungus used to start fermentation!


Anagrammer also generated the same words and points above, although the site isn’t as well set out as Word Grabber. Also, the list of words generated using the same letters VXOIKJA wasn’t as long as word grabber. It still did the job though in a quick and easy fashion.

Best Word Finder for use on your mobile or cell phone – Wordsies

This site isn’t going to win any design awards and that’s exactly the point. Suggested top scoring words to use in Words with Friends are listed on the page, or you can enter your Words with Friends tiles into the word finder. Again, using the letters VXOIKJA we generated a few of the same words that we made using other word finders. The highest scoring word on this word generator was VOX at 14 points. Whilst the results weren’t as comprehensive as other sites, the key attraction with this site is its simple text and fast speeds. If you are playing the Words with Friends app on your cell or mobile phone, ipad or tablet, this word finder won’t use much data to quickly generate a reasonable word to play on Words with Friends.

Can you use a Scrabble Word Generator?

Yes! But remember that Scrabble points and Words with Friends points are different. For example, we used to test our letters VXOIKJA. Our top scoring word KOJI was generated with a link for more information (click on the word itself). This confirmed the word KOJI was found in the Words with Friends dictionary, Scrabble US dictionary and Scrabble UK dictionary. We were also given the points for Words with Friends and the points earned if playing this word in Scrabble (note – the difference is J is worth 10 points in WWF and 8 points in Scrabble). Overall, this was a great Scrabble word generator that could also be applied to Words with Friends.

Using a Words with Friends Cheat Board

Words with Friends Cheat is the top ranking Words with Friends cheat board we could find. This site will place the word generated on the cheat board in the best position for maximum points. You can also choose how you search for your word to be generated, such as beginning with or ending with a certain letter. Words with Friends Cheat also offers you the option to upload your screenshot if desired.

Wordplays Words with Friends cheat board is a good option if you want to look at where to place your word generated on the actual board. It makes it possible to lay the tiles on the Words with Friends cheat board as it appears in the actual game and it displays only the best plays to go for.  Also, Word Plays feature a table on its left, which shows the number of each tile that’s left. Finally, Word Plays features Words with Friends cheat board layouts and point values for the Word with Friends game and many more.

Playing on a mobile device? There’s a Words with Friends cheat app!

Check out the Snap Cheats for Words with Friends app on the app store for iOS/apple devices. This app uses the same Firecracker software that is used in the online versions of software used for word generators. The app works by scanning a screenshot of the Words with Friends game you are playing.

The most accurate WWF dictionary ever

Firecracker Software

Snap Cheats also claim to have “the most accurate WWF dictionary ever” and even supports playing Words with Friends via Facebook Messenger. Definitions of words are also available without having to leave the app, although you do have to swap back and forward between your screenshot cheat game and the actual game of Words with Friends you are playing. This Words with Friends cheat app does offer an in app purchase of $4.49 if you would like the ad free version.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recommendations for the best ways to cheat on Words with Friends! Do you have any other suggestions? Please comment below and let us know!

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