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Amazon Jungle Survival Escape Walkthrough, Video solutions, tricks


What does the Amazon jungle survival escape game consist of:

Amazon jungle survival escape – help a pilot of the crashed helicopter survive in Amazon jungles surrounded by wild animals and unfriendly tribes. Edward, the main hero of this Android game, was piloting a helicopter over the jungles. But storm caused a breakdown and the helicopter crashed. Edward has to survive in the jungles. Help him build a shelter, make a bow, spear and other weapons. Control the hero during the fights against predators and hunt various animals. Help Edward steal a radio from the village of local natives in order to call a rescue team.

Game features:


  • Dangerous jungles
  • Wild animals
  • Exciting missions
  • Object and munitions crafting
  • Hunt and survive

Cheats, Tips, Answers, Video Solutions and Walkthrough for Amazon jungle survival escape Walkthrough, Video solutions tricks  is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Facebook, and Windows Phone Store. Click the appropriate link above to download the app onto your device.



Amazon Jungle Survival Escape Video Solutions Parts – All Levels

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